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About Us

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ServiceMaster Clean Manchester – the Masters (and Mistresses) of Commercial Cleaning Services across the whole of Greater Manchester and beyond. 20 plus years of masterful service no less. BUT. And it’s a BIG but on an About Us Page.

This isn’t About Us.

It’s About You.

It’s about your staff, your prospects, your clients… in fact anyone who comes into contact with any of your premises.

It’s about the first impressions they make. The lasting impressions they walk away with, and the quality of the environment they experience between times. In other words – it’s about your reputation.

And from schools and college, offices, shops, health care centres, social housing and industrial units that’s exactly what we turn our expertise to – matchless commercial cleaning. Expert cleaning carefully designed to protect those reputations.

Battle hardened cleaning skills. Proven cleaning systems, the latest commercial cleaning technology, a highly trained, highly professional staff – an international partner. More than 20 years of commercial cleaning success reflected in an extensive, ever growing client list, and in the many kind and complimentary things our clients say about us.

The kind of cleaning service that means we can make our service commitment with absolute confidence.

A commitment that’s more than just words. A suite of promises.

The ServiceMaster Manchester Service Commitment:

  • We will always treat everyone with dignity and respect in a professional and courteous manner.
  • We will always encourage a pro-active culture where empowered staff is encouraged to innovate.
  • We will listen intently and always clarify what you need and want from us.
  • We will always act quickly and seek straightforward, intelligent solutions and effective ways to implement them.
  • We will always deliver on promises we make.
  • We will always endeavour to go “above and beyond” to deliver your expectations.
  • We will always communicate openly and honestly with you and regularly check, monitor and manage our service to you to ensure we are delivering what you want.
  • We will reduce risk through people, processes and systems and care for our environment by developing and maintaining sustainable service solutions.

Brilliant commercial cleaning. 365 – 24/7 – big or small.

Less a question of whether we can help. More a case of how.

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