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Health Care Services

Health-Care-Services-ImageIf 25 years’ keeping the GP surgeries, dentists and private clinics of Manchester spotlessly clean and CQC compliant has taught us anything – it’s that unique healthcare requirements demand and deserve unique healthcare cleaning programmes. Dedicated healthcare cleaning programmes as thorough as they are technologically advanced, as they are expertly applied and supported.

Nothing less will do.

At ServiceMaster Manchester we deliver nothing less.

That’s why we equip our frontline cleaning staff with special cleaning tools such as the “Capture and Removal” system, a high-filtration backpack system that captures and removes 99.9% of micro particles. And it’s why we support all healthcare contracts with advanced performance tracking software. Software like Ezitracker that evaluates times, locations and activity. It’s why we meticulously audit the quality of our work.

So there’s less room for error and more opportunity to deliver exceptional standards. Standards that exceed CQC guideline, that protect your staff, your patients and your reputation from the threats that surround us.

Healthcare cleaning is a serious business. As is passing auditable tests. At ServiceMaster Manchester we’re serious about delivering the standards you demand.

ServiceMaster Contract Services (Manchester) are now able to offer its dental care customers with an even greater  service offering

Gypsum Recycling Services and Dental & Clinical Waste Collection  

These services include

  • Dental Study Removal
  • Handling of Waste Amalgam and capsules
  • Gypsum Waste for Recycling
  • X-ray fixer and developer, orange bag waste, sharp disposal
  • A flexible service
  • CQC compliant

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